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A Discussion of the Jan 5, 2021 Georgia Runoff Elections with Councilman Awet Eyasu of City of Clarkston

Councilman Awet Eyasu share his views on the Jan 5, 2021 Georgia Runoff Elections, it's significance to the wellbeing of regular hardworking middle-class folks in Georgia and the entire nation. Eyasu echoes how immigrants are playing an integral part in this US democracy and continues to call upon everyone ...
A Discussion of the Jan 5, 2021 Georgia Runoff Election with Councilman Awet Eyasu of City of Clarkston

Clarkston Held Black Lives Matter Solidarity March

Walking together an estimated 1,000 residents and community supporters peacefully marched along the streets of Clarkston to lend their voices and actions to the Black Lives Matter movement during a Solidarity March held on Sunday, June 7th, at 1:00 PM.

Sagal Radio Bridging the Gap during the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Board of Sagal Radio has been organizing all the communities in the Clarkston community to, coordinated call to share information, gain diversified perspectives, and bridge a gap to inform our diverse community of the seriousness of the actions instructed by health care professionals and the City of Clarkston.

Resilience Rising: Episode #5 Eritrea

This is Resilience Rising, a production of Sagal Radio Services, where we celebrate diverse voices from around the globe through new connections and meaningful conversations.
Episode 5: Awet Eyasu & Hannah Huff (Eritrea)

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