A Successful Formula

Sagal Radio Services has a longstanding commitment to engage, educate, and empower our community. We do so by offering programming that provides community information, cultural explanation, news, and access to resources in the languages of our listeners.

Typical broadcasts consist of the following:

News – We bring our listeners a balanced report on local, national, and international news important to the community, including news from East Africa that is very difficult to find elsewhere. Our news is compiled from numerous media outlets including the BBC, CNN, and international newspapers. We also correspond directly with reporters in East Africa who appear live on the air.

Announcements – As one of the principal avenues of dispensing information to the East African community in metro-Atlanta, many local agencies and community organizations look to us as a key resource for announcements about upcoming events or emerging issues. We might notify parents of the start of school registration, invite families to local health fairs, promote free English classes, or address concerns about child safety in neighborhood apartment complexes.  

Main Programming – The main programming of Sagal Radio normally consists of informational segments prepared by community members or interpreted interviews with local leaders and officials. Every program is intended to meet a community need. Some segments seek to increase the knowledge of our listeners on crucial topics about life in the United States such as how to deal with emergency situations or find suitable housing. Other segments promote positive behavior changes in the community like improved diet and exercise or car seat use. Interviews with politicians and government officials (such as Dekalb County Police Chief Louis Graham) connect the community with the public issues that affect them. Finally, some broadcasts offer listeners skills and opportunities for the future such as instruction on budgeting, seeking employment, and adjusting their immigration status.

Call-in segments and remote broadcasts – We build community by engaging our listeners in a continuing dialogue on local affairs. We provide a forum for listeners to offer their views, share information, and discuss community concerns. These segments give our viewers to the opportunity to share common experiences and learn from each other. They are also important times to honor outstanding achievement in the community.

Our current programming schedule is:

Somali: Saturday 2-4pm, Sunday 8-10pm

Amharic: Saturday 5-6pm

Karen: Saturday 6-7pm

English: Saturday 7-8pm

Swahili: Saturday 8-9pm

Bhutanese/Nepali: Friday 6-8pm

You can listen to any of these shows by tuning into 1420 am at the correct time, dialing 832-551-5083 to listen in on your phone, or by clicking the blue "Listen Now" box in the corner of the home screen.

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