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Al-Muhajaba Store offers retail in Islamic clothing and decor.
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Barwaqo Fashions

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Benadir Dollar Store Fashion and Home Decoration

Benadir Dollar Store Fashion and Home Decoration431 N. Indian Creek Dr. Suite AClarkston, GA 30021 Phone: 404-299-1249Email: fmuhyadin@yahoo.com
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Khadra International Apparel

Khadra International offers a wide selection of scarves, hijabs, and Islamic/African apparel.
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L.A. Fashion

L.A. Fashion offers a wide selection of clothing, shoes, watches, beauty products, handbags, home goods, perfumes, jewelry, make up, body oils, and much more.
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Mabruk Fashions and Perfumes

Mabruk Fashions and Perfumes offers a wide variety of Islamic and African beauty products, perfume, cooking, products, houseware, and intricate handicrafts.
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Nada's New Fashion

Nadia's New Fashion Fueda A. Osman428 N. Indian Creek Dr.Suite AClarkston, GA 30021 Phone: 404-988-7382Email: fuada02@hotmail.com
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US Arabia

Formally called Masso Fashions, US Arabia is one of the Clarkston area's biggest stores. They specialize in Middle Eastern furniture, curtains, draperies, and African/Islamic designs in suits and dresses. The owner moved to America in 1990 from Somali and had rented smaller stores in the same shopping complex before moving to this much larger store.
categories Clothing Furniture/Home Funishings Shopping
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