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Abaalmarinta Nobel Peace Prize oo ay ku guuleysteen labo ruux oo u ololeeya ka hortagga Kufsiga

Abaalmarinta Nabada ee Nobel Peace Prize ee 2018 ayaa waxaa si wadajir ah sanadkan ugu guuleystey labo  ruux oo  u ololeeya ka hortagga kufsiga Nadia Murad iyo Denis Mukwege. 

Signs of hope surface in Somalia

By ANTHONY BANBURYWednesday, October 24, 2012Walking through Mogadishu recently, I couldn't help but marvel. The streets teemed with people going about their daily lives. Construction boomed on virtually every block, fueled by investments from the Somali diaspora (and, perhaps, from pirates' ill-gotten gains). Police officers in crisp white shirts directed traffic -- a phenomenon associated with a return to normality in many post-conflict areas -- and workers repaired electrical lines.

AMISOM says security situation improving in Kismayo port city

Kenyan troops in the UN-backed Africa Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said on Wednesday that relative peace is steadily returning to the port city of Kismayo once the bastion of Al-Shabaab.
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