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Sawirro: Maxaa Dhacay Maalinta 1aad ee Carwada Buugaagta Ee Mogadishu Book Fair?

Waxaa maanta si habsami leh Muqdisho uga qabsoomay carwada buugaagta ee Mogadishu Book Fair sanadkii 4ad, oo ay soo qaban-qaabisey New Horizon.

Graft,Threats as Somalia faces historic Presidential vote

Colorful campaign posters in this seaside capital give the impression that Somalia's presidential election on Wednesday will be like any other. That's far from true.

Madaafiic Hoobiyeyaal oo ku soo dhacay nawaaxiga Xarunta Madaxtooyada

Tiro Madaafiic hoobiyeyaal ayaa ku dhacay nawaaxiga Xarunta Madaxtooyada Villa Soomaaliya, iyadoo madaafiicdan ay sababeen khasaare kala duwan.

Mogadishu mayor urges public support in securing capital

Mogadishu mayor urged Somali capital’s residents to expand support for the Somali security forces to secure the city which is facing deadly attacks by the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab group which continues its guerrilla attacks across the country.

CHECKING OUT: Customers seeking alternatives to hotels in Mogadishu after attacks

Somali security officers gather in front of the Central Hotel in Mogadishu. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the Central hotel attack that  killed twenty people, including two legislators -February 20, 2015


Women traders sell qat at Mogadishu’s KM4 on July 16, 2014. [Shukri Mohamed/Sabahi]

Mogadishu is happening; guess who’s rushing there?

Well, there have been stories of Mogadishu, the war-weary capital of Somalia, rising miraculously from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix.

Turkish Red Crescent & Istanbul Municipality to reconstruct Mogadishu

MOGADISHU-Turkish Red Crescent and the IBB will work together in the construction of roads and pavements, collection of solid waste, environmental arrangement and the erection of an industrial site.

Video: Life after al-Shabab in Mogadishu

After 20 years of civil war, Somali police forces work to bring peace to the capital. A year after the armed group al-Shabab was driven out of Somalia's capital Mogadishu, life is returning to normal in the city.

AMISOM agrees to leave Somali football stadium

The African Union force in Somalia has said it hopes to vacate its base at the national stadium in Mogadishu in time for a football tournament in December.

Deadly blast rocks Somalia capital

A suicide bomber has killed at least 15 people and severely wounded several more in a restaurant in the centre of Somalia's capital Mogadishu, witnesses said.  
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