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Apply for Start:ME Business Accelerator Program today!

Sushma Barakoti, Executive Director of the Refugee Women's Network (RWN) was our special guest today talking about Start:ME, a free accelerator business training program that provides entrepreneurs the tools and connections necessary to build and grow successful businesses. As Start:ME Clarkston Coordinator, Sushma stressed the urgency for ...
Sushma Barakoti shares information on Start:ME

Refuge Coffee is committed to working with the Clarkston community to provide more than just a cup of coffee, but also a welcoming environment and job training, opportunities

Local non-profit Refuge Coffee and owner Kitti Murray just made a big commitment to Clarkston—they bought the property at the corner of Market St. and Ponce de Leon, known for the past two years by the iconic bright red Refuge Coffee truck. From renting part of the property and open just two days a week, to now owning the plot of land and operating a catering truck as well as the six-day-a-week coffee truck, Murray talks to Sagal about Refuge Coffee's growing mission to provide not only coffee, tea and snacks, but also job opportunities and training.  Murray also wants the community to remember that their name is Ref-uge (providing shelter), not refu-gee (someone forced to leave their home).

Clarkston High Youth Food Justice Interns share their third and final podcast, "Nutrition for a Healthier Clarkston"

Mutoni, Zaw and San, from Rwanda, Thailand and Burma respectively, share how growing the Clarkston High garden has helped them understand the importance of sustainable, healthy food and share nutritious meals with their community. The Youth Food Justice internship at Clarkston High School is a group of eight high school students who came to this country as refugees and are learning about food and farming in the United States. The program is supported by the International Rescue Committee's New Roots program. Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts about teamwork and nutrition.

Cabasho ay gudbiyeen wakiiladaha Xawaaladaha Georgia ee USA.

wakiiladaha Xawaaladaha gobolka Georgia ee Mareykanka ayaa Cabasho ku saabsan Xayiraada ay bankiyada ku soo rogeen Xawaaladaha Somalida ee USA  maanta u gudbiyeen mayor ClarkstonTed Terry.

Daawo sawiro:Wasiirka dhalinyarada iyo Isboortiga Somalia oo furtay kulan Wada-tashi ah

Wasiirka dhallinyarada iyo isboortiga Somalia, Khaalid Cumar Cali ayaa furay xog uruurin ku saabsan siyaadda dhallinyarada Soomaaliyeed oo ay wasaaraddu soo agaasintay kaasoo lagu qabtay Muqdisho.

Sagal Annual Friends Celebration: A Night of Radio & Entertainment

Sagal Radio has its second annual Friends Celebration Night on April 27, 2012 at the Clarkston Community Center.

Sagal Opens New Studio

Sagal Radio opens their new studio in June 2009 with the help of Prometheus.
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