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Somali Youth and Educators Share Experiences

Sagal Radio had an hour-long panel about Somali youth. Our guests included Bobby King, who teaches GED classes at the Clarkston Community Center, Hussein Samatar, a member of the school board in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and three Somali youth in high school or college.
How Somali youth are adapting in the United States

Wareysi, Maamulaha Ogaal Radio

Wareysi, Maamulaha Ogaal Radio, Hassan Abdulahi Omar (Hassan Karate)
Wareysi, Maamulaha Ogaal Radio

Qareen Jama Ibrahim oo ka hadlaya arimaha fiisaha

Qareen Jama Ibrahim oo ka hadlaya arimaha fiisaha
Qareen Jama Ibrahim oo ka hadlaya arimaha fiisaha

Wareysi Suad Muhamud Aymad

Wareysi Suad Muhamud Aymad, Gudiga Qabanqaabada Shirka, loogu qabtey Toronto, Canada, oo loogu tagerayey Musharaxa Madaxweynaha Soomaliya Profesor Ahmed Mumin Warfa
Wareysi Suad Muhamud Aymad

Free Training Program for Government Jobs

Working for U.S Government Agency requires more than technical skills and talents.
Working for U.S Government Agencies

Warka Sagal Radio Sabti

Warka Sagal Radio Sabti

A Court Case from Start to Finish

Dekalb County District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming gives a ten-minute overview of how court cases work, with lots of helpful information about legal terminology.
Interview with the DeKalb County District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming

High School Graduates 2012

Sagal Radio is proud of all of the high school graduates in the Atlanta community.  You have worked so hard and we wish you the best in your continued work and studies.

Double Double

Coffee Shop Chat (Fadhi Ku Dirir)

Sagal Visits StoryCorps 2010

The Sagal Radio IRC summer interns of 2010 visit StoryCorps and interview Amanda Plumb, the Atlanta director.
Sagal Radio Interns 2010 / Episode Three: Story Corps
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