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Stay Woke! - Get out and vote.

Women Watch Afrika, Inc (WWA) says stay woke and vote! 
Women Watch Afrika, Inc (WWA) says stay woke and vote!

The 2020 National Faith & Blue Weekend was an incredible gathering of the community

From coast to coast, over to Hawaii and up to Alaska, people came together in nearly 1,000 events that built mutual understanding and new connections. All of us at National Faith & Blue Weekend, our partners, and our sponsors are honored and inspired to have played a role in helping ...

Stay Woke! - Get out and vote.

Women Watch Afrika, Inc (WWA) makes a huge effort to educate the community about civic duty and why it's important to go out and vote.
Women Watch Afrika, Inc (WWA) says stay woke and vote!

Apply for Start:ME Business Accelerator Program today!

Sushma Barakoti, Executive Director of the Refugee Women's Network (RWN) was our special guest today talking about Start:ME, a free accelerator business training program that provides entrepreneurs the tools and connections necessary to build and grow successful businesses. As Start:ME Clarkston Coordinator, Sushma stressed the urgency for ...
Sushma Barakoti shares information on Start:ME

Dekalb Digital Divide Community Task Force (DDDCTF) Helped Kids and Their Families Get Ready for Virtual School

As the name Dekalb Digital Divide Community Task Force implies, a group of non-profits, community leaders and educational professionals started coming together in the early months of Covid to assist students that did not have access to the technology that is now essential to learn. 

Clarkston Masks Distribution Project Distributed Thousands of Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Educational Material to Apartment Complexes

The purpose of the Clarkston Mask Distribution Project is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections and deaths by providing residents, particularly those who live in apartments, with resources such as masks, hand sanitizer and safety information.

Gwinnett BRT is Seeking Public Input on BRT Corridor

To accommodate current and anticipated growth, Gwinnett County is embarking on an integrated land use and transportation plan for its first proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor. The study will determine station locations, identify community desires for surrounding development/redevelopment, and provide recommendations to make this vision a reality. These ...

Clarkston Held Black Lives Matter Solidarity March

Walking together an estimated 1,000 residents and community supporters peacefully marched along the streets of Clarkston to lend their voices and actions to the Black Lives Matter movement during a Solidarity March held on Sunday, June 7th, at 1:00 PM.

Xeer Ilaaliyaha Qaranka oo shaaciyay kiisas musuq maasuq ku fiday Wasaarado

Xeer Ilaaliyaha Guud ee Qaranka dowladda Soomaaliya Suleymaan Maxamed Maxamuud ayaa sheegay in xafiiskiisa uu gacanta ku haayo kiis musuq maasuq ah oo ka bilowday Wasaaradda Caafimaadka, kuna fiday Wasaarado kale oo ka tirsan Xukuumadda Soomaaliya. 

Mareykanka oo duqeyn cusub ka fuliyay Gobolka Shabeellaha Hoose

Wararka ka imaanaya Gobolka Shabeellaha Hoose ayaa sheegaya in shalay gelinkii dambe duqeyn laga fuliyay, iyadoo lagu dilay xubno ka tirsan Al-Shabaab. 
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