Gwinnett BRT is Seeking Public Input on BRT Corridor

The Proposed GwinnettBRT Map 

The Proposed GwinnettBRT Map 

To accommodate current and anticipated growth, Gwinnett County is embarking on an integrated land use and transportation plan for its first proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor. The study will determine station locations, identify community desires for surrounding development/redevelopment, and provide recommendations to make this vision a reality. These recommendations will be determined through technical analysis as well as by input from the community, which is why we need you to get involved!

Click on the following tiles to learn more about the Satellite Boulevard to Jimmy Carter Boulevard BRT Study.

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What is BRT?

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a transportation mode that does not currently exist in metro Atlanta. BRT is similar to rail-based transit services but uses rubber-tired vehicles to provide greater service flexibility at a lower cost. Like rail, BRT provides high quality transit service to move a large number of people quickly and efficiently to and from their destinations. Its main advantages are significantly lower capital costs than heavy rail—BRT capital costs are roughly 10% of heavy rail’s—and dramatically faster implementation timelines.

It is characterized as operating in predominately, but not necessarily exclusively, dedicated right-of-way along with other treatments to increase overall speed and reliability of service. BRT right-of-way may include a dedicated transit-only corridor, transit-only lanes adjacent to mixed traffic lanes, or mixed traffic lanes.

BRT is accessed at transit stations that are spaced every ½ to 1 mile with distinctive branding, off-board fare collection, real-time bus arrival information, and enhanced waiting areas.

To Get Involved to the Survey

We need YOUR input to set the direction of the study! This survey is the first opportunity to provide input into the Satellite Boulevard to Jimmy Carter Boulevard BRT Study—future phases will have additional opportunities.  For this survey, the planning team is asking you to help the team prioritize the study’s guiding principles, which will lay the framework for the study and shape the study’s recommendations, as well as to provide input on visual preferences along the corridor. 
The survey link is here:

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