Resilience Rising: Episode #1 Nepal

This is Resilience Rising, a production of Sagal Radio Services, where we celebrate diverse voices from around the globe through new connections and meaningful conversations. 

Satyam Barakoti & Alexis Graham

Satyam Barakoti & Alexis Graham

This past summer, a group of students took part in an 8-week youth journalism camp hosted by Sagal Radio in collaboration with the Clarkston Community Center. Discussion topics ranged from ethics to politics to contemporary issues such as fake news. There were also some prominent guest speakers from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and politicians including, City of Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry. These collective experiences gave students a well-rounded perspective on the world of journalism. A world many would say is facing an existential threat but is one that is fundamental to our society and is needed now more than ever. 

By the end of the program, each youth, got the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills by interviewing members from the Atlanta area immigrant and refugee community. This is what Resilience Rising is all about, stories of courage and hope, as told by those who lived it. They are also testaments to how even just a little resilience can help us all rise above life’s greatest obstacles.

In this first episode, Satyam Barakoti, an immigrant from Nepal talks with Alexis Graham, one of youth journalist, about her journey to the United States as a college student and the challenges that came with starting a new life. 

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