IRC Summer Celebration

Sagal Radio says goodbye to its summer interns from the International Rescue Committee.

Puspa and Gaywah hold Sagal Radio's award for hosting the IRC interns

Puspa and Gaywah hold Sagal Radio's award for hosting the IRC interns

Listen to hear more about our interns from the International Rescue Committee!

On July 27th, Sagal Radio said one final farewell to its summer 2012 interns from the International Rescue Committee. The IRC held a big celebration for all the youths who participated in their summer programs, and Sagal Radio was awarded a certificate for its fourth year hosting student interns from the organization. 

The four high schoolers (and recent high school graduates) who interned with Sagal Radio spent one month learning about radio programming and interviewing skills. They created many pieces of radio programming with the goal of helping their communities by giving them important information. Here's what they themselves had to say about their experiences:


   Hi, I’m makiya, and I’m one of the interns at Sagal Radio and I just want to share my experiences here at sagal radio. The first day when we had to interview each other, I didn't really feel comfortable talking because I didn't know the other interns and it felt kind of weird talking and hearing my own voice.Now I feel more comfortable talking louder and clearer and i’m really comfortable talking around other interns because i know them more now and it's really fun to work with them.

Hi I’m Puspa! And I’m doing an internship at Sagal Radio through IRC (international Rescue Committee.) And i’m going to share my little experience to you all. When I joined this program I felt kind of happy because I felt like I’m going to learn somethings. I met with other interns who trying to learn somethings like me. We didn’t know each other the first time we met, but we didn’t feel shy to introduce each other. In world refugee day we went to community center to meet with others people and take interviews.

Hello, my name is Hodhan and I am also one of the interns at Sagal Radio. So it's been 4 weeks since i have start this internship and we have done so much in that 4 weeks such interviewing each other to get to know each other a little more and then we did another interview about summer safety with Stephanie Burton from the fire department. We also interviewing Dr. Patricia Kelly and that was also about summer safety and how to use sunscreen. We did other things that aren't about summer or safety such introducing our country's music and making a postar about our culture and that was fun. We went to StoryCorps yesterday and interviewed Rebecca Carter and we took a tour at StoryCorps and it was amazing and thats what we did in that four weeks. I enjoyed it all and i have learned so much here first thing being how to do an interview and also editing our interviews. I am happy that I got the opportunity to ge to work with all the interns and I wish them all a happy summer. peace!!!!!

       Hello people, my name is Gay Wah and I’m also doing an internship at Sagal Radio. I’ve been working here about four weeks, and I realize it helps me a lot and I’ve been improving a lot on interviewing. Anyway, the first things we did at Sagal Radio was going to World Refugee Day, Hussien get us our own T-shirts for Sagal Radio program. I thought the shirt was super awesome. Also, at the World Refugee Day, we interview a lot of people that we didn’t know. I don’t feel comfortable because it was the first time in my life interviewing some people that i never knew, but everything turn out to be great. After that, we work a lot on interviewing our selves, we get to know about each others and I learn some new information about friend that are working with us at the Sagal Radio. We talks about summer safety, fun things to do on summer, and we did some project about our culture. We interview Stephanie from the fire department and we ask her some question that we didn’t know. We also interview Dr. Kelly about health, what are somethings that will be good for our health, and about food that are will be good for us to eat on summer.  We did a lot of stuff and they all turn out well for me and we went to a field trip at StoryCorps. We went there and interview Rebecca Carter and she show us some stuff about radio corps and it helps a lot. Then later on, we went to a meeting about bike safety and doing some shooting about how to be safe on crossing road. So yea, we did a lot of stuff and i like working at Sagal Radio, and i would like to thanks Hussien, Mary, and Rachal for helping me out on working at Sagal Radio station. I wish that one day Sagal Radio station will become really famous also, Thanks to sagal Radio because now i feel brave about interviewing people.

Sagal Radio will miss these four young people also, and we all hope that they can come back to help out in the future, or at least come and visit!

To hear more of our interns' work, go to:

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