Sagal Radio Welcomes IRC Summer Interns

This is the 4th year that Sagal Radio is participating in the IRC's summer internship program for high school-aged refugees.

Sagal Radio Welcomes IRC Summer Interns

Sagal Radio's office space in the Kensington office park has been alive with energy over the past two weeks. On June 19th, we welcomed four summer interns from the IRC into the Sagal Radio family. Sagal Radio is one of many sites in the area taking part in this great program. This is the fourth year that Sagal Radio has participated in the IRC's internship program.

The interns will be spending four weeks with Sagal Radio where they have the opportunity to shape their own broadcasts about topics from which they believe their communities would benefit. Under the direction of Sagal Radio intern Mary Claire Kelly, they have been learning about how to conduct interviews, use radio equipment, and create new stories. They are also reporting on their activities on their own blog.

So far, the interns have interviewed each other, community members at World Refugee Day, and representatives from the DeKalb Fire Department. As the interns learn to open up and strengthen their own voices, they are also learning the importance of communication in the formation of strong communities.

To follow the IRC interns' blog, visit

To learn more about the IRC's Youth Summer Internships in Atlanta check out

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