About Us

The mission of Sagal Radio Services is to build community by engaging, educating, and empowering new Americans through radio programming broadcast in their native language.

Who We Are:

Since 1998, Sagal Radio has given a voice to new Americans by offering radio programming on a variety of issues in the native languages of our listeners. We have grown from a two-hour local Somali news broadcast to a weekly broadcast in six languages for metro-Atlanta on the radio and for the world online. Our radio show has at the heart of its mission a desire to build a strong community. We thus offer educational tools (cultural information, translations of news), public service announcements (safety, health), resources (job information, community services) and opportunities for involvement (on-air discussions, volunteer information). You can find out more about our work by following the programming link and looking at our past articles.

A Story of Success:

Our community-led radio program started strongly in spring of 1998 and has gathered momentum ever since. Begun by a handful of African refugees who saw a need to create a voice for their community, Sagal Radio has steadily grown in the scope of its reach and in its capacity as an organization. Over the years we have garnered recognition from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Georgia Department of Human Resources as a key community resource for our contributions to strengthening Georgia’s diverse community. We were also chosen as a community partner for the Emory University Kenneth Cole Fellowship in Community Building and Social Change. In 2003, Sagal Radio Services increased its effectiveness by becoming a fully licensed non-profit organization and significantly diversifying the board of directors. We also received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2007. This grant allowed us to partner with Emory University and WRFG to create HEARMe (Health Education via the Airwaves for Refguees). We aim to build on these successes as we work to expand and improve the radio service.  

Read more about our history in this Sagal Radio timeline.

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